zo® product portfolio

The ZO® PRODUCT PORTFOLIO offers a comprehensive approach to skincare with therapeutic, maintenance, prevention, and protection options. ZO® MEDICAL is a therapeutic line for correcting diseased skin, while ZO® SKIN HEALTH is employed for maintenance, daily skincare, anti-aging, and prevention. Their use can be interchanged to promote and maintain skin health at any age.


ZO® MEDICAL – These products and their accompanying protocols are exclusively provided by physicians to treat a wide range of skin disorders and chronic conditions. These include sun damage (e.g. freckling), discolouration (e.g. melasma), sebum disorders (e.g. acne) and diseases of inflammation (e.g. rosacea). Based on the latest scientific advances in cosmetic chemistry, these products and programs have been optimized to restore cellular function and in turn, skin health.


ZO® SKIN HEALTH – A comprehensive array of products to maintain the results of therapeutic treatments and support daily skin health and protection from the environment. This line provides results-driven therapies to meet your specific skincare needs. Delivering exceptional clinical outcomes, these solutions maintain healthy skin that is strong, smooth, firm, evenly toned, and naturally hydrated.


This luxury makeup fuses beauty and efficacious skincare ingredients. Clinician dispensed only, COLORESCIENCE® is a premier mineral makeup line that uses pure, high quality ingredients with a focus on simplicity of use. Unlike traditional makeup which is oil based, irritating and promotes disease, COLORESCIENCE® is formulated to compliment a physician’s skincare regime and assist in restoring skin health. All products contain broad-spectrum sun protection with a soft focus finish. The Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50® is a favourite of many celebrities and our very own, Dr. Eckel.