Laser Clinic

The Skin Health Institute is equipped with the most advanced medical grade lasers to treat all skin types. Such novel technology maximizes precision and results, with minimal treatments and downtime. Lasers can either be used independently, or in combination with other services. The wide array of treatment options are designed to target a spectrum of skin conditions without invasive surgery. We also provide a state-of-the-art fat reduction procedure. All laser services are personalized and physician-led for optimum safety and results.

Complexion Analysis

The VISIA machine provides accurate and objective Skin Health evaluation. This advanced technology comprehensively assesses the skin using eight key clinical indicators including redness, pigmentation, texture, and wrinkling. These features are displayed on a computer screen, and together they will determine the overall skin condition and accurate skin age. VISIA provides a revolutionary new metric that can guide the selection of skin care and clinical treatment options. It also evaluates the results of lash improvement treatments with numerical assessments and graphic visualizations.

Laser Hair Removal

Our esteemed clinic serves a multi-ethnic community. Because of this, thePalomar Vectus® laser was carefully selected. This machine uses avant-garde technology to place it at the forefront of permanent hair reduction. With a functional wavelength of 800nm, it is the ideal machine to treat all skin types, and is regarded as the fastest and most effective on the market. Advanced contact cooling and the Skintel Melanin Reader, guarantees exceptional precision when treating all body parts for maximum safety profile and comfort.

Fat Reduction

The CoolSculpting® procedure eliminates stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. The results are proven, noticeable, and long lasting. It is exceptionally useful in targeting fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. Fat can be removed from around the abdomen to better show muscular definition. Other areas including the back and thighs can also be treated, so you’ll look great from all angles. The CoolSculpting® procedure remains the safest and only FDA-cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment. The Skin Health Institute is the exclusive provider in Trinidad and Tobago of this innovative and highly sought after technology.

Leg Vein Removal

The esteemed UCLA Assistant Professor of Radiology, Dr. Gregory Eckel, visits our clinic monthly to perform a compressive service for eliminating unwanted leg veins. A consultation is initially completed, and when appropriate, an ultrasound performed to delineate underlying vein competency. The treatment method employed will be dependent on the nature of the vascular condition and includes foam sclerotherapy,endovascular laser repair (EVLA), and ambulatory phlebectomy.