Cosmetic Dermatology

By definition, healthy skin is smooth, strong, full, even toned, hydrated and free from disease. At our practice, Skin Health restoration is at the core of our clinical care. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or disease, treatments can be customized to comprehensively correct cells and repair their functions.

Using objective cutaneous measurements, Skin Health is accurately assessed by Dr. Eckel. A personalized treatment plan is then created for the client based on their cutaneous condition and preferences.

Our department uses a combination approach to maximize client results, capitalizing on the most innovative and effective therapeutic options. This panacea includes topical prescription formulations, chemical peels, wrinkle softeners, and volume enhancers. Together these methods provide both immediate and long-lasting improvements to holistically rejuvenate skin and reinstate its health.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Dr. Eckel will provide a detailed personal consultation, covering all aspects relevant to your aesthetic needs. Consider her your personal cosmetic investor, guiding your budget and choices toward services that will generate maximum results. An individualized short and long-term plan will be provided with a range of appropriate, physician-recommended procedures. These may combine cosmetic dermatology solutions with laser treatments, medical aesthetics and / or other customized services. This total approach is results driven, long lasting, and capable of successfully improving even the most challenging of cases.

Skin Health Assessment

The importance of beginning your treatment by scheduling our signature Dr. Rachael Eckel Skin Health evaluation simply cannot be overstated. This thorough examination is performed based upon your skin condition, specific concerns, and medical history. Objective cutaneous measurements are graphically provided using a VISIA® machine, and a customized skincare plan formulated. Skin Health restoration remains the principal focus, using the latest advancements in prescription topical agents tailored for treatment, prevention, and long-term maintenance.


This remains the most popular aesthetic procedure worldwide. It helps to smooth facial lines that develop because of repeated muscle contractions, prompting a tired or angry appearance. Botox® is particularly effective at improving wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and around the eyes. It can also eliminate signs of aging, leaving you looking younger and refreshed.

Dermal Fillers

From the age of 25, the face begins to progressively lose volume. This results in a deflated, tired appearance. Fillers can be use to reshape and contour the face, providing a more youthful image. They can also improve attractiveness and restore symmetry in younger patients. The Skin Health Institute employs a variety of designer fillers with specific rheologic characteristics, permitting customized treatment plans that better suit the unique aesthetic requirements of each client. Such an extensive product portfolio (Allergan, Merz) allows us to comprehensively address previously unmet needs. Combined with Dr. Eckel’s cutting edge revolumization techniques, the results are long lasting and impressive. The clinic exclusively uses blunt-tip microcannulas for immediate improvement and no downtime.

Chemical Peels

The Skin Health Institute offers the latest advancements in chemical peel technology. When combined with Dr. Rachael Eckel’s extensive clinical experience, the most effective results can be achieved with maximum safety profile and comfort. A variety of epidermal and dermal peels are offered by our clinician, but the solution choice will be based upon clinical indication, skin type, and social commitments. Chemical peels can be used to treat conditions such as discolouration, large pores, sun damage, wrinkles, scarring, and rough texture. They promote softer, smoother skin with a homogenous nature and ethereal glow. The Controlled Depth Peel is the platinum procedure at our clinic, providing maximal correction and antiaging benefits.