Gentleman’s Tonic

Men seek aesthetic procedures for two reasons: to look good and stay competitive in the job market. Men feel most confident when they look their best, and this provides them with a competitive edge. A healthy, masculine appearance is a key-marketing tool for a man today. Studies have shown that men who present a better outward appearance have a higher chance of getting hired for a job, and climbing the “corporate ladder”.

They’re exercising, they’ve quit smoking and they’re eating healthier foods. But men who end up in the cosmetic dermatologist’s chair often remark that they don’t look as good as they feel. The Skin Health Institute offers a diverse assortment of aesthetic treatments customized for the male client. Using subtle but key modifications, men can achieve the look they want while maintaining their characteristic charm.

The Skin Health Institute has dedicated the first Monday of every month to men. We call it ‘Man-Day’ Monday. This gives our male clientele exclusive use of the clinic, encouraging them to feel uber-relaxed when attending for their procedure.

The following treatments are the most highly sought after by men at The Institute.

Customized Skincare

The skin of a male is considerably different to that of a female, and requires a unique approach with topical agents. The impact of testosterone on the sebaceous glands means that the skin is oilier, thicker, and harder to treat. Large pores are also a bothersome consequence.

Male skin is also subject to greater stress. Typically, men stay in the sun longer, use fewer products to protect against photodamage, and burn more frequently. Facial hair shaving is another aggravator that impairs barrier function and leads to dryness and irritation. Such practice coupled with improper skincare, can also result in shaving rash.

It is therefore important that men use suitable products to maintain Skin Health. Using precision and expertise, Dr. Eckel meticulously crafts her protocols to address the specific needs of each male client. By simply bettering a man’s skin, an 85% improvement can be made in his overall appearance.


Laser Hair Removal

Our Laser Clinic hosts the fastest, most effective laser for permanent hair reduction. Using cutting edge technology, precision and results are maximised with minimal treatments and no downtime. The advanced contact cooling is used to provide optimum patient safety and comfort, on all skin types. Chest and back hair removal remain our most frequently performed procedures for men. However, all troublesome areas including the unibrow, neck, and groin can be addressed.

Botox® and Fillers

Botox® remains the most popular aesthetic procedure amongst male clients. It helps to smooth facial lines that develop because of repeated muscle contractions, prompting a tired or angry appearance. Botox® is particularly effective at improving wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and around the eyes. It can also eliminate signs of aging, leaving you looking younger and refreshed.

From the age of 25, a male patient begins to progressively loose volume in the face. This results in a deflated, tired appearance. Fillers can be use to revolumise and contour the face, providing a more youthful image. They can also sharpen jawlines and chins, giving a more masculine, chiseled look.

Botox® and fillers remain the top tier procedure choices amongst male patients. They have no discomfort or downtime, and deliver long-lasting immediate results.

Fat Removal

The CoolSculpting® procedure eliminates stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. The results are proven, noticeable, and long lasting. It is exceptionally useful in targeting fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. Fat can be removed from around the abdomen to better show off muscles and abs. Other areas can also be treated, so you’ll look defined from all angles. The CoolSculpting® procedure remains the safest and only FDA-cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment. The Skin Health Institute is the exclusive provider in Trinidad and Tobago of this innovative and highly sought after technology.

The Forbes Non-Surgical Facelift

This is Dr. Eckel’s signature procedure for broadening a male’s boardroom appeal. It is suited to men at the top of their career who may feel young and confident, but their appearance says differently. Using a combination approach of non-surgical procedures with no downtime, Dr. Eckel augments the facial structure for a stronger, more angular appearance. Key areas of the male’s anatomy are reshaped and defined, to enhance dominance. Some wrinkles will strategically be left, because they give a competitive edge, signifying wisdom, experience and trustworthiness in the marketplace.

The Executive Facial

This is the premier gentleman’s tonic. The results are instant, aimed at minimizing pores and smoothening skin. Deep cleansing is combined with high impact exfoliation for a clean, crisp, uber-fresh look. Like your favourite tailored suit, our highly skilled clinician will customize this treatment to suit your individual skincare needs. Microdermabrasion and therapeutic enzyme peels will correct the skin, while a scalp and neck massage leave you invigorated. In under an hour, we’ll have you back at the boardroom looking refreshed and feeling your most confident.